Advice: Fitting the mold of Little Space

by Kitten
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Okay, I know I talked about this a tiny bit in my blog post about my own personal dynamic, but tonight someone asked an amazing question about labeling yourself as a little in my Discord. I wanted to share it with you.

I call myself a little, but I don’t really have an age or anything for my littlespace… I know i’m not very young, but I might be like older little/younger middle. Is there any “label” or role I can give myself to encompass this so I don’t confuse someone to think i’m a younger child than my littlespace is?

Y’all, I align with this question SO much! I mentioned in my blog post that it’s hard for me to label my little space age sometimes because of the age range and the headspaces I can touch. Like for real. For me? I can be super cutesy toddlery aged where I’m squeaky and happy, but, I’m like an older, more mature toddler? Sometimes I feel like I mix together being a toddler, an older child and a teen all in one.

Sometimes, I wanna be smol and cute and call for my Daddy like a little baby cat, and then other times I’m also mature and creative! I communicate well and slide into a different little space. One day I wanna wear overalls and onesies, and the next I want to wear jeans and boots with heels!

You do not need to explain your little space to anyone.

Sometimes, I just can’t seem to find the label I’m supposed to stick on myself when it comes to being a little. Sometimes, when people as my little age I scrunch up my nose and think, “Well. I’m like a giant five year old?” And I hope that gets it across. But does it? I don’t know. But it’s true. I’m messy and silly, I clap and dance and wiggle like a todder. But, I’m potty trained, and I don’t always use sippy cups but big girls cups. I don’t often like to watch cartoons made for actual toddlers, but the ones for older kids. Like Sailor Moon and such. Not to mention that I’m always thinking about the adult world in my mind. Worrying over things and such.

It is so hard to define my little age. To give myself some kind of label and that’s kind of why I just focus on my pet play side and call myself just a “little baby cat” or something along those lines.

To anyone out there who feels like they can’t put a label on their little space, or who feels pressured to pick an age or headspace: Don’t. You don’t have to have a label. You can have a beautiful swirl of headspaces that make something entirely unique to you!  You do not have to be what people think you should be. Being yourself is the most important part and you are not alone.

You do not need to explain your little space to anyone. It is yours, and yours alone. The title “Little” can cover so many people and honestly, being bogged down by a classification can be frustrating. You don’t have to go through that. I promise.

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