One year of In My Little Space?! GIVEAWAY!

by Kitten

I can’t believe that the time has come to celebrate such a monumental milestone! For one year I’ve been repping my own “brand” for the DDLG/BDSM world, In My Little Space! I can’t believe it! A whole year!!! It caught up to me so fast that I almost missed it! And honestly? This whole thing is a few weeks late, but I’d rather have spent time to get it ready, than to just release everything early!

For the last few months I’ve been working really hard on getting our Discord up and ready to go for the community and it’s here! We’ve been finishing up with bots and roles, as well as rooms and maybe some events for the server coming in the future! And to celebrate this awesomeness and also one year of In My Little Space, I wanted to do a live podcast episode that will of course get posted on my normal podcast here, but I wanted to do a Q&A!

I want you guys to send in any and all of your questions about anything BDSM/DDLG related! It could be that you’re new and looking for advice, or you guys could have questions for Daddy and I about our own dynamic because he will be there! I am also opening the door for shop shout outs and such, they just need to be approved before the live podcast so I can make sure they don’t support minors! 

The live event will be hosted on my  Facebook page, and it will be on September 21, 2019 at 6pm CST.

If you do intend on coming, please RSVP to my Facebook event! You can post your questions there or even send them to me on messenger!

Not only am I opening the discord server, but I want to do a “little” giveaway to celebrate!

In My Little Space Giveaway Information

There will be 1 winner of this giveaway and it will begin on September 7, 2019 to September 21, 2019 with a live draw on the podcast!

The prize for this giveaway is a paci from my favorite shop: zuriabatzycreations! You guys can find her on instagram at zuria.batzy.creations. Pretty much every single paci I own is from her shop.

The winner will be allowed to pick any single paci already in the shop! I will be paying for it and the shipping and you can provide all of that information either myself or Zuria I’ll be telling her who wins!

There are some rules for this giveaway so let’s go over them!

In My Little Space Giveaway Rules

The first rule is that you must be 18 years of age or older to enter this giveaway. Really you should just be 18 years old or older if you’re following me at all, but yes. That’s rule number 1. 

The second rule is that you must be a member of our Discord to enter! We have a special bot for this and future giveaways that require you to be a member to enter. You will be able to join the discord using the link on the blog.

The third rule is that when entering you will be required to post your Instagram handle so that I can not only follow you, but again, let Zuria know who won!

Speaking of our Discord let’s talk about it because it’s ready to go!

I’ve been working very hard on the rules of this Discord because I want to see a place that everyone can have their own area and feel safe and comfortable. So, I wanted to go over some of the rules that are in place as of now.

In My Little Space Discord Rules

Below are the following rules that apply to the entire server! Yes, even you Daddies and Mommies have to follow the rules!

  1. You must be 18+ in order to access this server. You will be required to provide verification to be here. We will not allow someone who has not yet provided verification to access other parts of this server other than the #verify and #welcome area. You will be provided 24 hours from joining the server to provide a moderator/admin said verification.

         You can verify with us by sending in a picture of your ID with everything blacked out other than your DOB (date of birth) and your picture and then sending a picture of your face doing a certain gesture that will be requested on the spot. (Things like touching your nose, sticking your tongue out, cross-eye, etc.)

         If it is found out that you have LIED to us about this, you will be permabanned.

  1. The discussion of minors in kink is prohibited. This is a server where we do not support minors in kink PERIOD. There is no budging on this and you will be warned using the Warning/Punishment set up.
  2. There is no hate tolorated here! We are LGBT+ friendly, and we expect you to be respectful of that. We believe that kinksters come in all shapes, sizes, colors and are whoever they want to be! Their gender, sexuality, etc is nobody’s business but their own. Degrading comments about race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity? Nah, bro. Begone THOT!
  3. There are separated categories and rooms for a REASON. There are roles for a REASON. These are not to be abused. Do not join a role, just to have access to other servers, and then just change back and forth. We see all and if we see this, you will be warned and then punished.
  4. Political discussions and heated topics have their own room. It is not to move from said room. The rooms that host the hot topics are rooms that you must use your own discretion when joining. You may see things you don’t agree with, but do not attack each other for feeling that way. You are more than capable of blocking each other on Discord if its going to cause a problem. Taking these topics out of the channel and into the main areas is met with a warning and time out. But remember, hate is not tolerated here.
  5. I know many littles use “baby talk” when in that space. I have created a specific room for this only that you can find at #baby-talk This room is the only room you may use this type of speech in. The reason is that there are many people who can’t distinguish the words due to learning disabilities and other sensory issues, and it can open a door for bullying, so we created a special space for that. Examples would be: Hewo I am a widdle and in my widdle spwace

There’s plenty of rooms in the server and we’re always open to making more! We have a specific place for Caregivers, and Littles, both seperated by the roles that members can select themselves! It’s pretty awesome and a ton of fun!

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