Getting custom pet play gear from The Lilac Fox

by Kitten
custom pet play gear from the lilac fox

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that back in February the pair of ears I had purchased in a set from Vuzara, were stolen during my flight back to Florida. (I was visiting Papa before I moved here!) Once they were gone, I was absolutely devastated. I couldn’t venture into my pet space I was so sad. When I got over the devastation I was set on finding a new pair and I knew that they just had to match the blue of the tail I have from them.

But why not just get ears from Vuzara?

Do not get me wrong, I loved my ears from Vuzara, but, I felt that they didn’t fit my head the right way – they were a little big for me.  They didn’t fit what I was wanting in ears like I thought they would. But I did love them a lot.

I searched high and low for what felt like eons honestly, and it was probably a good month of being rejected by other shops not having customs or anything I was looking for before it happened. The moment I had been holding my breath for: I found the shop I needed, The Lilac Fox.

Warning: All things in this post are strictly my opinion and of my own experience with this shop. Someone else’s experience may be different. Please do not comment attacking the post, and if you have an issue with the shop that is unresolved, please reach out to the shop yourself!

Securing an MTO (Made to Order) Slot

I stumbled upon The Lilac Fox on a whim. I think I was searching #petplaygear on Instagram when I came across a gorgeous black and purple lynx ear set. I was amazed by the depth of color, the shape, and everything. They were absolutely beautiful.

Looking at the rest of their work, I found myself falling in love with the shapes, the color choices and I was absolutely determined to try to get a custom from them. Well, luck was on my side! They literally were opening MTO slots and I had to prepare for that. Because The Lilac Fox is located in England when they were going to open their MTO slots, it was going to be 9 am my time! That was early for this cat, but I had to do it. I couldn’t let a precious slot get eaten up by someone else! NO WAY! I had waited far too long to find them.

I set my alarm, I closed my eyes and after hours of being too excited I couldn’t sleep – I got three hours of sleep and woke up on time! I quickly claimed a spot like a frog grabbing a cricket, and since I was one of the first to comment, my spot was secure!

I was so happy I literally squealed, danced and then just went right back to bed.

Consulting and designing my soon-to-be-new ears with The Lilac Fox was easy!

It came as a pleasant surprise when I first started talking about my order with The Lilac Fox, but they actually carded me! Instantly that solidified in my mind that they’re reputable and safe. Knowing that you’re dealing with an actual adult vs a child is so important for a shop who deals with the kink community. Really that’s a great practice for shops in general, but when you have your items through a website, typically a disclaimer that they have to be 18 years old and accept the agreement, is enough. Though, I do know a big corporation that works in the Hookah industry that cards people even for online orders. I guess it depends on the business!

Anyways, once I sent them my ID, we began talking about what I wanted.

my daddy dom little girl dynamicDespite me being a super awkward turtle, unable to describe what I wanted, they understood perfectly.

What I wanted was a pair of black cat ears, with moon and star charms, and a color scheme that I described as an “oceanic galaxy”. I wanted a mixture of beautiful blues that would mingle with the black perfectly, and there was even a little tiny touch of purple hinted in there. The Lilac Fox had created something similar to what I was wanting, at least color scheme wise, and of course, there was a warning that color matching via a screen is quite hard – which can be so true! I was okay with that. I trusted them to do right by me and gave them artistic freedom. From the looks of their work I knew whatever came to me, I wouldn’t be disappointed with.

So we finally confirmed an ocean galaxy ombre on a set of black ears (to go with my naturally black hair) that had a set of moon and star charms.

The order was made March 14, 2019, with an estimated 2-4 weeks for completion.

Around the two week mark, anyone who had ordered a custom was sent a message. She wanted to reveal images to all of us, but there was a defect with the wire – which is used to attach the ears to headbands – and they had to order a new wire! The Lilac Fox completely started over with the framework as the wires are sealed into the fur, and they did not want to give out a product they couldn’t stand behind. They asked for about an extra week or so to work on them – which was fine because I wanted them to send a product that they were proud to stand behind, not rush it just because they have an obligation!

custom pet play gear April 11th rolled around and there was a message: The ears were completed! All that was left was a confirmation on the ears for any last minute touches and then boom, they’d get packaged up! I was literally vibrating with excitement at this message. I wanted to reach through and get her to send the images faster and boy was the wait worth it!!!!! The pictures she sent me were gorgeous. I could NOT believe what I was seeing!!! They were absolutely perfect! The blues were the right tones, the floof was just right, and the charms were absolutely perfectly placed.

custom pet play gear

I couldn’t have asked for a better set of ears!

Within a few days, April 15 to be exact, I was provided with a link for my tracking information and that was when the great postal stalking began! Every day I refreshed the page just so eager for something to happen and I even signed up for text alerts. I was like a cat chasing a mouse!

I think the hardest part of waiting was when they were stuck in Chicago for a little bit (a few days) and I was literally crying at my phone to update, pleaaase just update! AND THEN IT DID! It had left Chicago and Papa was telling me I was going to get them the next day. I was totally skeptical, not wanting to get excited but you know what happened?

They came the next day, April 25, 2019.

Opening them? I was completely in love! I don’t think I’ve ever loved my pet play gear so much as I loved these ears. They just fit me so perfectly. It was like finding the most adorable and beautiful puppy and never wanting to let it go because you know it’s yours now.

It’s been a little bit since I’ve gotten my ears, here are some updated thoughts.

So, I have had my ears for almost two months now and I still love them just as much as I did before. They’re still beautiful and well kept, and I keep them on my BDSM wall in the bedroom just above the matching tail. I have learned a thing or three about them since wearing them, and I wear them at least once a week.

As much as I do love them, I also find myself a little frustrated as well. Since the headband is just a thin metal headband, the ears tend to slip and slide up and down them, often times sliding down from where I’ve positioned them. I find myself adjusting both the headband and the ears not super often, but often enough to grumble about it. I’ve been looking into ways to stop that. I am wondering if it is because I wear glasses because the headband kinda bothers the back of my ears at times, but I’m not sure.

My current fix when I put my ears on and I don’t want to worry about adjusting is using bobby pins. I pin at the top center and one on each side of my head near the ears. This stops it from sliding around and moving, but it isn’t the most comfortable solution in the world. If I don’t pin them right, they can hurt. So it’s a work in progress.

But honestly, other than that? These ears are perfect!

So overall, I really just feel like I love these ears and will support this shop again!

This pair of ears cost me 117.24 USD which was a LOT more than I was originally wanting to spend on ears, and yes I could have replaced my Vuzara ears cheaper, but, there was just something about the craftsmanship behind the ears I had seen from The Lilac Fox that justified pressing “send payment” for me.

They take such pride in their craft, their talent is very obvious and I just love them so very much. I would absolutely screech from the rooftops about them. I will absolutely be purchasing more items from The Lilac Fox in the future.

Five out of Five Paw Rating!

I would give this shop a five paw rating absolutely! Their customer service was spot on, their consultation – while I was a majorly awkward turtle as it was my first time – was smooth and very educational. It was clearly important to The Lilac Fox to make sure they understood what I was looking for! The materials look and feel high quality and there’s without a doubt a lot of talent behind the creation of these ears. I feel like my personality speaks boldly with these ears and honestly, since getting them? I’ve barely taken them off!

Get a pair for yourself by reaching out to The Lilac Fox! You will not regret it!

Thanks so much for reading my review of The Lilac Fox! I really appreciate the time you took to do so and would love for you to follow me on social media to keep up to date! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog!

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