Celebrating Daddy Dom Day

by Kitten
So something tells me that Father’s Day is coming. It could be the ads. It could be the cards that just recently replaced Mothers Day cards at every store I walk into. It could be the calendar, but hey, who knows. It’s just something that tells me. Just as any little who has a Daddy Dom, I too want a day to celebrate mine! In the past, I have given gifts on Fathers Day, but it has always felt so….weird to me. Like this is a holiday that I also sent my actual FATHER a gift and card. Something about celebrating my Daddy Dom on that day just felt….awkward. Especially, since we all fight so hard to break the association of incest that some people put on our community.
And so, I started thinking about it – thinking a lot. What if we had our own days of the year that were close to each holiday so we could still get cards, but that isn’t on Fathers or Mothers Day?

I took a poll on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in a few groups about what people would prefer when it came to celebrating their Daddy Dom / Mommy Domme. The results were pretty unanimous, mostly every person said to celebrate them on their own day, and many people expressed their feelings about how Fathers day is for your actual father, but then there were also some who expressed how they have children with their Daddy Doms and celebrate on that day after their children are asleep. Both I can understand, especially having children, but in my opinion, I believe that you should be celebrating that person as a father, not as your Daddy Dom. Of course, though, I’m not going to judge, I can understand it. 
So, it got me extra thinking that we need to make some new holidays in the community, and that’s an entirely new post, but I wanted to start here, with a special day dedicated to Daddy Doms and Mommy Doms alike. I know that normally bloggers put stuff like this out months before the holiday, but whatever, I decided that I was going to post this anyways! 

We need to break away from the stereotypes and rumors!

Like I said before, people associate DDLG with incest. People think we have Daddy issues, or want to fuck our own parents and I just really feel like we need to distance ourselves from those stereotypes. Our community needs to be protected, and I feel like this is one way to do that.
So, when do we celebrate them? I think that keeping the date around the same time as Mothers/Fathers day is a bit of a good idea because hey, there’s cards EVERYWHERE! Might as well use that to our advantage, right? Another thing that some people brought up about celebrating their caregivers is that they celebrate their caregivers on their birthday instead! I think that is an amazing idea too! What could be more special than celebrating them on their special day that comes once a year?
However, I want a day to say thank you for them being a great Daddy/Mommy. For understanding our limits and needs, our desires. For those who are so in tune that a word doesn’t even have to be said to be understood. I want to have a single day dedicated to this side of our world. Maybe that’s selfish of me, to share that desire with the world and to create a day of my own choice, but hey, I want to bring something to the community and I really hope that this is it. Who knows, maybe it will catch on! 
So I picked out two days that are relatively close to Mothers and Fathers day so we can all still get the cards (ahahah) but that won’t be on the day made for you know, family. 

May 04 – Mommy Dom Day
June 08- Daddy Dom Day 

I know, it’s coming up. It’s coming up FAST and I doubt that personally, I’m going to get this holiday anywhere since you know, it’s in six days and all as of me writing this, three days from when this gets posted, but it’s fine. All I know is that come next year I want to try to push these dates. I want to make things for this day, to celebrate our amazing caregivers. I even want to make a special day for littles! I have stuff in motion, I think. Maybe? Who knows!!! 
 Either way, if you want to celebrate Daddy Dom Day on the 8th with me, awesome! Maybe I’ll make a post about what I do for mine! Who knows!
Thank you so much for spending your time reading about Daddy Dom and Mommy Domme Day! I hope that you celebrate with me, and if you do, feel free to tag me on social media!

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