Balancing a busy adult life and your Little Space

by Kitten
balancing an adult life and managing little space
Good morning everyone! I know that it’s been pretty quiet on my social media lately, especially here on the blog. Most of you have become used to my two times a week blog posting and I am angry with myself because I didn’t stick to that. But, I swear that I have good reasoning! My life has completely changed and I wanted to share that with you guys, because it has inspired this blog post for sure.
In the last few weeks, my life has completely changed. I went from working from home, literally never not in my pj’s, not going anywhere and doing whatever whenever, to getting a job that pays more, that I love more, that I have to leave the house for – and have been working 11 hour days for.
Please save me because it’s killing me.

I went from firmly decided on living alone, with nobody – not even Papa – coming over minus a few times a week so I could enjoy having alone time for the first time ever, to inviting my boyfriend to live with me. Oh, yeah. That’s right. Boyfriend. I went and made it official with Papa. Yeah, that’s going to come one of these days in one of those big update kind of posts or whatever, or maybe on like our “one year” kinda post. I don’t know. At some point, I will make a post talking about it in detail and length. And for those who might be curious about it since I went over this in my DDLG Dynamic post, yes, I am still involved with Rory as well, but Papa is my main partner at this time.  It was a really hard thing to do, giving in to the desire of wanting to be Papa’s only girl. With my history, I’ve had a lot of fear brought into me about getting hurt, but, I wanted to show Papa that this is bigger than us and give him a part of me that he has absolutely earned especially since I’ve moved here – and since I’ve met him.
Okay, I know that the entire second paragraph there has so many life updates that it’s probably thrown at you guys, sorry. I swear it has a purpose though! Seriously, I do.

Balancing your adult life when it’s busy, and your little space is HARD.

Ever since my life got insanely busy, I’ve been asking myself on a question over and over again: Is it possible to maintain a healthy DDLG relationship and little space, when I’m constantly busy almost all of the time? Because I’ll tell you now, some days it feels like it’s just not possible.
So let me tell you how my life is busy. My Papa works from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. My schedule is different. I’m scheduled at 11:30 AM to 8 PM. The thing is, that I don’t go in at 11:30. See, I don’t drive so I rely on either Papa or Uber. (It is much safer for those around me that I don’t drive for many reasons.) If I was to uber just to work, it would be about 100$ a week! So, I end up waking up at 7 am, driving into work with Papa, and then he leaves and comes back to get me. Cheaper than 100$ a week. So that means I am here at work from 8:15 when we arrive, till 8 PM.
This literally sucks my soul right from my body. 
So, you can imagine that when I get home I don’t really have much time to do anything. By the time we get home it’s about 8:30, I’m too exhausted to cook – which oh my kitty cats, I am so lucky to have a Daddy who can cook. I eat, am awake for maybe two hours of which we spend as much together, and then I go to bed.  So as you can see, I really only spend like 4 hours TOPS with Papa a day. It doesn’t really leave much for the Daddy and Little time.

So, with such little time, how do you make it work?

I hope you liked my little pun there. And if you didn’t? Your stuffies in time out for twenty minutes! Tehe!
So I will say that the time I get compared to how it was before, of course, has decreased. I don’t have hours upon hours to run around in my onesie and be cutesy. I don’t have a lot of time before bed to hunker down and watch Pokemon Alola for what feels like forever and ever, with Daddy. Like I said, now it’s just come home, eat dinner spend what little time I get with Daddy and then latch onto him in my sleep and never let go. Which of course is followed by whining and grumbling about how I don’t want to get up yet, him being like, “You could take an Uber” and me growling about that.
Life is honestly blissful.
So back to the question at hand, how I make it work. Honestly, while I don’t have time to be fully immersed in little space, I do take moments all day long to feel adorable and little. I don’t think that little space is strictly just a headspace that you’re in. I think it can be moments through the day you feel small and cute, where that little inside of you beams out like sunshine and you feel at peace. Or maybe that’s just how it is for me because I’ve learned to be able to turn it on and off whenever I’d like to.
It’s all about the little things to me, like wearing my hair in a certain hairstyle like space buns with hairbows or pigtail braids! I have picked out some dresses that just are adorable and cute like my Sailor Moon dress or this pretty aqua lace one I have! I’ll even choose adorable shirts and when I can get away with it – I wear a onesie under either a skirt, or overalls! I get creative with makeup and accessories too! At my desk at work, I have little stuffies that are for my desk there and they hang out with me all day! My job is very, very casual so I can get away with a lot here and I really think that helps.
Another thing that helps me stay in touch with my little side is that at work is that we have these things called Boogie Boards and they’re kinda like wipe boards except you press a button and everything you drew/wrote on it vanishes! Ooh, maybe like an etch-a-sketch? I don’t know. It’s something, and it’s awesome! I spend a lot of my day doodling on this board while I take phone calls and I love it so much. I really want to get one for me to tote around and I am trying to decide between two boards, this one and that one! I’m gonna buy one for sure. Will even review it, but yeah, I love those things. Doodling is awesome.

The biggest thing though? Papa has a huge role to play.

I can not express to you how important it is to me that I have a Daddy Dom that really cares about my little space in general. He does whatever he can, whenever he can, to ensure that I have a happy moment even if its going to be swallowed up by stress. He shows me that he cares about me being little with the things he does.
When he cooks dinner, he puts my drink in one of my How to Train Your Dragon cups which I love, love, love!!! And for bed, he will bring me a sippy. For the bathroom, I have bathroom crayons I can write all over the walls with because my bathroom is all tile! But let it be known that it is never me doing so. It is all my best stuffie Appa who even signed the wall the other day to show that yes, it was him. Not me.
I am innocent. 
Not only those things, but he will rub my back, tell me I’m a baby, little things like that which just keep me happy.  When we get in the car he buckles me in, let’s me press the button to start the car and to turn it off too! He will detour and take me to get ice cream, or even when we have to go grocery shopping he lets me get one little thing! He takes every opportunity to support me. Nighttime is our little time when we’re curled up in bed together and just existing. We just got a Nintendo Switch so Papa will play it for me as I drift off to snoozeland.

But what if someone doesn’t have a Daddy, or doesn’t get to see them often?

For those littles who are in long distance relationships, who don’t get to see their partners often because of being so busy, or even just because you’re single, my biggest piece of advice is to make time for yourself. To give yourself even the tiniest of little space throughout your day, but to specially set time aside on your days off for decompressing. Days off for our life are blessings and I take every opportunity that I can to enjoy the moments off. and submerge into my little space. I find that the longer someone goes without even having touched their little space, even in the tiniest bit, has a much harder time finding it again than someone who keeps it a regular part of their world.
My biggest piece of advice for the Daddy’s out there? Encourage it. Keep up the verbal praise, the keywords like good girl/boy, baby, and other pet names. Tell your little how good they’re doing at work every day, how proud of them you are. When at home give them a sippy, not a cup. Make them find time for their little side, even if that means picking up some of the slack. Caregivers have such a heavy role in this lifestyle and I find that the little side starves with need when not fed. Doing things like this also maintain the Daddy Space which I think is super important too.
Making a schedule together can also help with that so you guys are able to find those moments together. I know scheduled little time doesn’t sound like the most fun, but hey, knowing you’ve got playtime coming can be something exciting to carry you through the week!
Thank you so much for spending your time reading about Daddy Dom and Mommy Domme Day! I hope that you celebrate with me, and if you do, feel free to tag me on social media!

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