Addressing the Myths of Daddy Dom Little Girl

by Kitten
Addressing the myths of DDLG

It isn’t a secret that the lifestyle of Daddy Dom Little Girl has a lot of negative connotation behind it. People on the internet say some pretty hurtful things and honestly? It makes sense. People see something they perceive as weird, inappropriate, or strange, and they go with that. There isn’t a sense of research or education that follows them, so they just don’t even try to understand. Well, today, we’re going to talk a little bit into what Daddy Dom Little Girl is NOT. We’re going to tackle the things that people say and go over what those things actually mean.

Warning: This post is educational. It is meant to challenge the stereotypes that people have of this lifestyle. I understand that Daddy Dom Little Girl is not for everyone. I really do. But still, please try to be respectful of the lifestyle that we have chosen to live. We are not hurting anyone.  I am also not a doctor or mental health professional, so please talk with a medical professional if you have need to do so!

MYTH: I heard that people who engage in DDLG are pedophiles! 

This is the biggest myth EVER.  

There are a lot of people who see DDLG and immediately think that the participants are interested in children, strictly based on the fact that a lot of us regress and use items that are ‘meant for children.’ 

This is so far from the truth that it literally makes me ache. Yes, some of us in the DDLG dynamic do use age regression to cope with trauma. Some people just enjoy the feeling of being adorable and vulnerable. But there is not a single person who I have ever come across in this lifestyle, that says they’re into DDLG because they want to be sexual with a child.

The biggest proof I have of this would be the very fact that an adult and a child have two very different bodies. An adult is mature and has high differences not just in height, weight, and such but let’s take a woman’s body for example. Women have curves. Hips, thighs, breasts. A child does not have anything remotely similar. 

Another complete difference is mentality. An adult is a fully functioning person. Who grasps and understands their surroundings. Adults can understand the difference in situations and do what they need to do to protect themselves where a child can not. 

The attraction in DDLG is strictly for CONSENTING ADULTS. 

Well, if they don’t want to be with a child, then why do you want to be like one then?

Honestly, I don’t think that anyone in DDLG wants to be an actual child. I mean sure, going back to days of absolutely no responsibility with freedoms and such sounds fantastic! However, that isn’t it at all. We don’t want to be an actual child and lose everything that makes being an adult awesome. We don’t want to wake up in the body and mind of a child. Nope! 

But there is a comfort to having a child-like disposition. To be innocent and vulnerable. In DDLG, the submissives or littles as we’re called, have a dominant. That dominant is a nurturing and guiding person who does their very best to support us! It’s honestly just another form of power exchange and having such a deep connection, that you can allow the other person to see into your world. 

There are also some people, like myself, who are into items such as pacifiers, sippy cups, stuffed animals, and other toys that are for a “younger” person to accompany their little space. 

However, there are many of these items that have been scaled for adult use.  For example, adult pacifiers are a calming/soothing item. Much like a security blanket, they are often used to bring a sense of peace and comfort.  In fact, there have been studies that show the benefit of an adult pacifier being used to soothe anxiety, and also as a deterrent for teeth grinding and snoring! 

Yes, sippy cups are made for younger children, but they can be used for adults too! Not to mention there are plenty of water bottles out there that resemble sippy cups but aren’t – how about those ones for wine? They’re literally called sippy cups!

One of the bigger items that people get uppity about is adult-sized onesies. But in reality? They’re just leotards or bodysuits. And bodysuits are super in! There are even bodysuits that have snaps at the crotch.  

So as you can see, the items that are pretty much involved in DDLG aren’t really that outlandish at all when you think about it. They’re relatively normal! 

But what about minors? Aren’t you trying to be them? Aren’t you guys into them?! I mean, if your “Daddy” is fucking you, isn’t he, in theory, fucking a child?

The simple answer and the only answer to that is no. God no. 

There is not a single person who is truly into this lifestyle that wants anything to do with a true, real child. In fact, the idea of a minor being in our community is so disgusting that we tend to blacklist anyone we find who is a minor supporter in any way.  Every single day I am coming across posts of people outing minor supporters so that our community members block them. Whenever a minor is found to be lying to the community it’s a huge deal. Any business that supports selling to minors is just completely obliterated. 

Those of us who are in the BDSM community do not want anything to do with minors in any way shape or form.

The BDSM community is in no way, shape, or form safe for children. I think that any adult can agree with me on that.

As for having sexual activity when regressed, I think that it is different for everyone. I have had sex while regressed slightly. However, my regression is quite different to me. I don’t know how it is for everyone else, so I can only speak for myself. 

When/if I am being sexual in nature while in little space, I am always maintaining my adult side. I am just using my cutesy words and talk. I am strictly into being degraded with words such as calling me a “dumb baby”, being told that I’m “such a good little girl for Daddy”, etc. I understand that this dialogue isn’t for everyone. But, it is for me! 

As for my Daddy having sex with me, people assuming he wants to be fucking a child are just…ridiculous. I look nothing like a child! I have womanly curves, hips, and breasts, nothing about me is actually child resembling – including my AGE! 

Just because he entertains me in little space, doesn’t mean he wants a child. In fact, I have never met a Daddy Dom or Mommy Dom who actually finds children attractive.

Yes, there are pedophiles in the world. I am even sure some are hiding, lurking in the dark corners of BDSM, but let’s be honest and look at the statistics of pedophiles. True pedophiles are PHYSICALLY attracted to children.  Typically, their victims are under the age of 13 years old. In fact, there are even sex dolls made in Japan that disgustingly have a resemblance. 

Anyone in DDLG is NOT looking to prey on children. Again, all of us are ADULTS – over 18 years of age – and we are not interested in any way, in the idea of anything to do with a minor. Even minors who will be “18 in 3 days” are off any kind of acceptance. Under 18? Forbidden.

So, you guys don’t actually do anything involving minors as we thought before, awesome! But, what exactly is age regression?

Age regression in its actual definition is a type of therapy used especially with children or adults who have experienced significant trauma at a younger age. It involves hypnotherapy in order to assist that person with regression to that age that they experienced their trauma. It is used to help them move forward from the trauma and heal. Age regression itself in children is unhealthy and a sign of developmental issues. That being said, age regression therapy is very controversial and has been around since 1978 when invented by Sigmund Freud. 

Outside of the therapy aspect, age regression is a headspace where an adult consciously regresses. I do not believe that I have ever met a little who doesn’t understand their regression. They are fully aware of it happening, coming on, and their own triggers into that regression.

Myself especially, I am always maintaining a piece of my adult mind at all times and even when regressing I am fully aware. Where a lot of us do use our regression to cope with life’s stresses, it also is part of a power exchange relationship where we add in a ‘caregiver’ most often called a Daddy/Mommy Dom/Domme.  This is where Daddy Dom Little Girl comes from.

The definition of a ‘power exchange relationship’ is:

power exchange relationship is a relational dynamic when a partner decides to either give up or get control of authority. Role play and Bondage Discipline Submission Masochism (BDSM) are two basic types. With some care, people can form power exchanges both meaningfully and safely.

Source: Our Everyday Life

Well, if you’re not into children, then why do you still do sexual things in this ‘little space’ headspace?

I can’t speak for everyone. It’s different for everyone. For some, it is the feeling of being vulnerable and being taken by the dominant. For others its reclaiming a past trauma that happened to you. Just like it is used in a professional therapy setting where the therapist regresses you to help you reclaim that past trauma, it may be the same thing. I can’t speak for anyone else. 

For me, I don’t get small when I have sex. It’s honestly a 5% chance that I am little when I have sex of any kind. I like being degraded and talked to. I also like it when Daddy praises me, telling me how much of a good girl I am and things of that nature.  Being made to feel vulnerable and desired is a powerful thing to feel indeed. But, when my Daddy is looking down at me during these times He isn’t seeing a child. He isn’t seeing a literal little girl. He’s seeing me, his submissive. His kitten. His pet. His little.  As I stated before, even when I have a state of regression I still maintain my adult mentality and am able to consent to these activities. 

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