What my Daddy Dom Little Girl Dynamic is Like

by Kitten
My Daddy Dom Little Girl Dynamic

So today is going to be a post that I think that everybody has kind of been waiting for, especially after I posted the article, How I got into BDSM, and that is about my own Daddy Dom Little Girl dynamic!

Talking about my own Daddy Dom Little Girl dynamic is a challenge in itself. You know, up until this point on the blog, I have really just been making educational content about the lifestyle in general, not really making many posts about my own lifestyle directly. Other than my How I Got into BDSM article, what I write about myself is pretty much just for the purpose of education. Something I hope to change.

Writing this is really hard for me and talking about it even more so frightening because I am literally putting myself into a public eye at this point. For most of us in Daddy Dom Little Girl, we know how negative the vanilla, and even sometimes the BDSM community takes our lifestyle. There are so many negative connotations with the way that we choose to live our dynamics and it’s terrifying to think that somebody who knows me is going to find this post.

But the thing is that I can’t be scared because life is too short. And if someone in my life were to find this and suddenly feel like they couldn’t be in my life anymore I could understand why. I would try to get them to understand, but ultimately if they can’t then so be it. That being said, I don’t feel like this lifestyle will really come as a shock to many people in my life if they ever found this just because of how I have always been.

So yeah I guess the warning for this post is that this is a post about my lifestyle. If you don’t like it, if you don’t agree with it, if you have something nasty that you want to say, please don’t at all. This blog is meant to be educational about Daddy Dom Little Girl, and be a place that people can come to and realize that they are not alone. That every dynamic is different and just because some of us don’t fit the specific molds that others do, that it is still okay. So if you guys want to discuss my lifestyle that’s perfectly fine please leave a comment below, but if you don’t want to discuss and you just want to attack then please just move forward because there are better things that are more productive to do with your time.

My personal dynamic I would label as interesting. It’s very confusing for me to try to explain to people because it’s not exactly a “normal” dynamic. So I guess we’ll just start with myself because I am the central focus of the dynamic.

Who is Kitten?

my daddy dom little girl dynamic My name is Alexis, but I also go by Kitten, or Cat here on the blog. I would describe myself as a multi-spaced little or as I call myself, A Meowgical Cat. What I mean by that, is that I kind of tick off boxes in all of the different spaces that there are for little space – toddler, child, and teen space.

I like things such as pacifiers, sippy cups, onesies, stuffed animals, coloring books, older children age deemed cartoons like Stephen Universe and Sailor Moon. I’m pretty rebellious and bratty, like to push the envelope on some things all while running around on the playground and giggling.

Little Secret: I don’t have a little age.

It’s really hard for me to label myself with a little age because it’s kind of a melting pot of all of them together, and even when I’m in my adult space I would say that there’s part of me that is always in this weird combo headspace. It comes out when I get excited, it comes out when I see something really super cute and it is always just something that is lingering all the time.

With my bratty side, I love to push boundaries and I love to kind of poke at the rules that are given to me and really test my Daddy’s patience with me. Primarily for me, being bratty is really just to get attention and to be silly. It is never used to be disrespectful. Slightly bending and breaking rules is extremely fun for me and I do honestly love the consequences that come with being a brat. If you guys read one of my last articles, I went over the punishment jar that my Papa and I made together. Because I am so bratty, making the jar was basically a no brainer and I can honestly say that it helped curb a LOT of my bratty nature. Knowing what is inside of the jar and what I could potentially pull out of the jar? It is terrifying. Just the threat of the jar alone is enough for me to behave.

Other than a little and brat, I would consider myself a pet. Obviously, by the name Kitten, you guys can tell that I go into a kitten headspace. But, just like I have a mixed little space, I have a mixed pet space too! Mainly it’s really just cat and a little bit of puppy space. I meow a lot and I rub up against Papa as if marking him as a cat does. I also do a cat type growl my daddy dom little girl dynamic and hiss when I’m upset. On the other end of that, I waggle and pant like a puppy does and I get super eager to go for car rides! I also meow-bark? Where I meow out as a dog would bark? I don’t know if that makes sense.

As you guys can see my headspaces really take on a couple of different roles. Outside of little space, pet space and my bratty side,  I am also a submissive. I enjoy rituals and routines. I enjoy waking up in the morning and knowing that I have to do  X, Y, and Z before I start my day. I like having my Papa pick out my outfit, having a welcome home ritual, utilizing a punishment and reward system and things of that nature. I am not a slave, as I can not give up everything about to me to someone else’s control entirely, but I do believe that I have slave like tendencies in the idea that I do have certain things I enjoy giving up control completely on.

For example, there are some days I want Papa to pick out everything for me. To tell me what to wear, how to do my hair, how to look and what to eat. What I can and can’t spend my money on without a peep from me. Ironically, despite my bratty nature, I heavily enjoy submitting and obeying.

Having two Daddies can be really complicated…

So that brings me to the weirdness of my daddy dom little girl dynamic and that is my relationship status and partner status. Many of you see me referring to two separate people: Daddy and Papa. I get a lot of questions on whether I have a boyfriend, a closed poly, and I always find it really hard to02 answer.

No, I don’t have a boyfriend but I do have two dominant that take care of me. I think that this is why it’s so difficult for me to answer this question because, for a lot of people, their dominants are their boyfriend or partner. That isn’t to say that I don’t have a romantic involvement with them, I do, but I am not committed romantically to either of them. I submit to them both, and they both take care of me in their own ways.  I think the hardest and most confusing part is when I’m around with Papa because he is in person for me. So, when people ask if I have a boyfriend they get really confused because we do a lot of coupley things together.

A little bit about my Daddies

So let’s get to know them! My Daddy, Rory, lives in Georgia! We have been official Daddy and little since August of last year (2018). He took over the role of caring for me after I got out of a very unhealthy relationship that really caused damage for me mentally and emotionally. He was an integral part of my healing from that relationship and I can’t express how grateful for him I am.

My Papa, Blake, lives here where I moved to! He and I have had a dynamic since December 2018. Moving here was a difficult choice because obviously, I didn’t want to make it seem like I was picking one over the other, but I wanted to have my own space and it’s very affordable here to live! Papa and I spend the majority of our time together and he practically lives at my house. Especially when I am in my little space, I am very needy and clingy. He is the one that primarily cares for me as clearly he is in person, which makes it easier. From running my baths to making sure that we have dinner to putting me in little space or pet space and making sure that I am content and happy.

My Daddies are amazing people, and the fact they can work together to take care of me means the world to me.

So how do we make sure everyone’s taken care of?

I’m sure that people are wondering how I balance my time with them especially considering the fact that Papa basically lives here and Daddy lives in Georgia. It’s pretty easy because if I ever want some alone time, I can just ask Papa to go stay at his house! And even when he’s here, I hang out with Daddy too! Sometimes we play games together like Smite and ESO, Overwatch etc.  The trick is knowing that everyone is just as important as the other, and making sure that the time is balanced out properly.

I don’t know how long that this dynamic is going to exist for because things can always change. But for now, I’m just going to enjoy how things are and cherish every single second that I have two of the best Daddy Doms in the world.

So yeah! I hope that gives you guys a glimpse into what my personal dynamic is, and who is involved!

Question of the Post: Do you have more than one person in your Daddy Dom Little Girl / BDSM dynamic?

Thanks for reading What my Daddy Dom Little Girl Dynamic is Like!!! It was really hard writing about this and I hope that I got to answer most questions! If you have any, please leave a comment below!

I really appreciate the time you took to read this and would love for you to follow us me on social media to keep up to date!

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