6 Ways to Get into Little Space on Your Own

by Kitten

Dress the Part

I have a little post I’m working on, about channeling this lifestyle in public (in a way that is acceptable and not shoving the lifestyle into unconsenting parties faces of course) and dressing up is my number one way to keeping yourself in tune with your Little Space.

Dressing up can absolutely trigger that happy space. Whether you’re putting on an adorable pair shoes – like my unicorn printed Vans – or you’re simply doing your hair a specific way, Little Space can come from all kinds of places on your person!

I choose a lot of adorably printed dresses that I wear out. My most “little” outfit would be my Sailor Moon dress that I wear, along with a Sailor Moon hairbow, some colorful lipstick, my Sailor Moon purse/bag and of course my unicorn shoes to go with it (or a pair of light blue sneakers). Either way, this is just one outfit that I channel my Little Space through! It helps me feel cute and adorable and most people don’t really blink twice when I’m decked out in merch!

But it doesn’t even have to be a dress! It could be a pair of cute jean overalls and a onesie, or a onesie and jeans that you’ve tucked into each other! You can always wear a onesie and skirt together, and if you’re not comfortable with people seeing your onesie? Wear it underneath your clothes! It’s YOUR secret! Sometimes I’ll wear a onesie and I will fold it up into itself to make it look like a shirt with the help of bobby pins! That works a lot!

There are plenty of people who when in Little Space wear diapers right? Well. Maybe look into that! I know it’s a weird suggestion, but maybe if they’re too crinkly buy Depends? I’m not an adult baby when I get into Little Space and I have never (and probably wont ever) experimented in adult diapers, so please just take this suggestion as one of pure, genuine hope for happiness! I really don’t know what kind of diapers to suggest. Oh gosh, now I’m getting flustered! I promise to find a diaper-wearing expert to write a blog sometime soon!

Accessories can also really super help! From little things like adorable rings that have a meaning of Little Space to you such as a teddy bear ring, or maybe a ring with a character on it! You could even get a special sparkly design done on your nails, or even add a new keychain to your lanyard that you carry your keys on!

Socks especially are an awesome way to hide Little Space on you! I know I have silly cat socks I wear to work all the time!

As you can see, Little Space can be easy to wear and easy to hide! From hair bows to socks and everything in between!

Treat your Little Space to a treat!

I am a firm believer in the age-old saying, “TREAT YO SELF!” In fact, I have a pair of socks that say it too! Treating yourself to something is an awesome way to keep your Little Space intact! My favorite thing to do when I’m at any store is to think of something that little me would like! Usually, it’s a coloring book or a cute shirt, maybe a new toy or a game, or even snacks! Fruit snacks or even juice boxes are also things my Little Space loves!

What better than having a moment of excitement spark through you like unicorn lightning, at the moment you’re trying to pick something out for your Little Space? Treating yourself to a coloring book or three can turn into an adventure for yourself! Give yourself some time to go over each coloring book, really give it the ol’ Little investigation! You want to get excited about coloring, you want to feel like you can’t wait to get home, plop on the floor and dump your crayons around you as search for the perfect one to start off the coloring!

Being a little when shopping for me, is one of the most awesome things ever because I know that I’m going to get the cutest, most awesome, most fun stuff that I will play with three times and then get something new. But that’s the fun in being an adult who can do that stuff!

Treating yourself doesn’t have to be about food or toys either, it can even be about self-care items such as a luxurious bubble bath! Or a new loofah that has a character on it! It can even be purchasing an adorable toothbrush – which then you’d see and start your day off with every day! There are so many options out there!

Give yourself time to be Little

With life being the busy thing that it is, a lot of people forget that the most important thing they can do for themselves is give themselves time. There are 24 hours in a day and I feel that giving your Little Space at least one of them isn’t asking too much.

Making time for yourself and your Little Space will give you the time to create a stable foundation in your own headspace. The time to decompress and let go will help reduce your stress too!

Making time for yourself is important. There’s nothing more important out there than making sure your mental health is good! Your Little Space is a part of you, and I like to think of it as a beautiful garden.

Imagine this. You’re in the woods and you find a beautiful stone path. After a while of walking it, you find this place. It’s surrounded by high walls of hedges and a beautiful iron gate that’s locked. Try as you might you can’t find a key anywhere but when you touch the lock, it opens as if it was waiting for you to unlock it. Inside of the gate is a beautiful blank canvas ready for you to build the most beautiful garden you possibly can. All of your tools and seeds are nearby, bulbs ready to be placed into the ground where you want them. This is all your Little Space.

You are the gardener and each time you take time for yourself, you’re building this beautiful, elaborate garden. You’re watering it, feeding the plants, rearranging things. Making it the luxurious place you will know and love. You might even build a castle nearby, a treehouse, whatever you want because your Little Space is yours to grow and build how you want it.

But you have to treat it right, and if you’re away for too long? Plants will die. Bugs will eat the fruits and veggies and some flowers, and we don’t want that! So make time for your Little Space! Even if its just bath time or shower time and you have crayons and draw on the tile! Even if it’s a silly morning song as you brush your teeth and make breakfast! Seize every moment of every day! Even a little bit of water in the garden and love and attention to it, make a difference.

Make Food Fun!

Little Space is all about tapping into that cute inner you! What is cuter than Happy Meals, and bento boxes? Juice boxes and snack packs? An adorable lunch box? Who cares if you’re an executive and eat out of a bright pink, with rainbows and cat stickers, lunchbox? You are allowed to have a personality other than the one you identify with at work. You are a person and you should value your unique self!

I love to go to eat at like Wendys or McDonald’s and get a toy with my meal even if it isn’t coming with a happy meal because you can buy the toys alone! Instead of a soda, get a milkshake to treat yourself to something delightful and awesome! Going out to dinner? Get a dessert and let your little self experience the awesomeness!

For my birthday, Daddy took me to this really fancy place that had an amazing cheesecake. I am not even exaggerating. It was a banana cheesecake with caramel glazed bananas on top of it. I swear to Cat Gods that it was the best cheesecake of my freaking L I F E. I would literally sell my left pinkie toe for a lifetime supply. But I was wiggly and giggly while I enjoyed it! I let my little self enjoy the moment!

Other foods you can get at the grocery store are baby carrots, small grape tomatoes, other finger foods like chicken nuggies and corndogs! You can even get a new sippy or special big girl cup, or plate/silverware that is for the kiddos! YOU CAN DO SO MANY THINGS!

Make Little Friends

I am probably the worst person to write about this in the history of ever, but it’s fine! Someone’s gotta do it! I’m not the easiest person at making friends, and even though I’m so open through my blog and podcast about this lifestyle, I still have a really hard time getting to know people in it. I always get intimidated reaching out to other littles and I just kinda panic!

But that doesn’t mean you have to panic! Use the tools we have to make friends! There’s plenty of forums and places online to make friends! A few places I’ve run into are:

  • The In My Little Space Discord
  • Facebook Groups (I’m working on a post for these right now!)
  • KIK Groups (I’m not the biggest fans of thees but there are adult ones!)
  • Forums! (ddlgforum, etc.)
  • Fet Life

Making friends makes life easier! Not only do you have people who you can talk to about this lifestyle and not have to worry about judgment, but it can help you feel adorable and little when they do! Dress updates, play dates, all of it! Having someone in your life that totally gets a little life? It’s awesome!

If you’re like me and like to make online friendships, it always helps to have a little bit of Little Space in your pocket at all times! Having chats really helps with that (hence a reason I made my Discord) and yeah! MAKE FRIENDS!

P.S I am totally open to making friends so if that’s you? Join my Discord and be my friend!

Listen to Music!

If there is anything in this world that can shift my mood in a positive way, it’s music! I love listening to music and everyone’s tastes are completely different! That being said, make a playlist when you’re in Little Space! Music that you’ll absolutely love to listen to when you’re in the headspace that when when you’re not in Little Space you have something to kind of bring yourself to it! Listen to it on your walks, drives, when you’re cooking dinner for yourself and then put it on a cute little plate! Let the music guide you to your happy place!

You can listen to my ever-growing Little Space Playlist here:

Thanks for reading my blog post, In My Little Space DDLG 101 – Part 1!!! It is incredible to bring this to you guys and start working on my very own guide! I promise to write up my own DDLG life sometime soon! Pinkie Promise!

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