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When I started really evolving into my little space, I had the desire for pacis. I, just like everyone else, purchased a newborn sized one. They’re extra small, easy to hide and I just wanted to see if I liked it. It was embarrassing to want to try a pacifier. What if my boyfriend found out? What if someone saw me? What if someone said something to me. So I tucked it away inside of my shopping bag after buying it, rushed home and fell in love with the safe feeling I had once I popped it into my mouth. I felt small, vulnerable, adorable and just…calm.

For the most part, I kept this little secret of mine hidden, tucked away in my sock drawer in a lonely, dark corner. I was living with someone – my other half who knew I was a little, and I was still super embarrassed. He was okay with and knew what I was into, but I could never bring myself to actually use a paci in front of him! It was just… mortifying!

Eventually, though, I began to take it out at night and started sleeping with it. And sleeping at night turned into him seeing it, into me being more open and then me purchasing my first adult paci! I fell in love immediately with that paci, kept it on me in the house at all times, always in the mouth! That was around the time I first started seeing deco pacis in my Tumblr and Instagram feed. While I thought the deco pacis were absolutely adorable, I couldn’t understand it. Why would anyone want to have a pacifier decorated in gems and stuff? Sure they were cute, but what was the point? I couldn’t fall for any of the ones I kept seeing and despite me slowly growing to want one, I just couldn’t find the one that was right for me. 

Then, I ran into the first deco-paci I ever purchased, my Ghost Pup paci from Zuria Batzy Creations.

The paci was perfect, everything I wanted. I am a huge Nightmare Before Christmas fan, and often times would turn it on to go to bed almost nightly. The music was calm and soothing, and I really loved the voices. So when I saw this paci it was a no brainer. 

Zuria Batzy Creations

The post for her paci was brand new, and the item hadn’t even added it to the shop yet,  but I was too eager. It had to be mine. I literally was holding my breath as I sent her a message, hoping I could just purchase it now before someone else got the chance. I had literally messaged her as she was putting the paci into her shop, and she was instead able to send me over an invoice through PayPal! Within minutes it was paid for and mine with a promise to ship it off the next day!

Treat Yo Self to a paci!

Now, I used PayPal to pay, but when she has stock in the store, you can use your card to do so. The process of purchasing a paci from her shop page is so easy. Go to her shop page, drool over her stock, add the ones you want – and yes I said ones as in multiple. I have the hardest time ever just getting one. Once you’ve finished drooling and shopping, go and buy, VOILA!

Zuria Batzy CreationsHer shop site is pretty straight forward, there’s no real embellishment to it like categories and such  – and while I would like to see that, I think it works for her shop. It’s simple, straightforward and she has areas you can reach out to her and she also has a little FAQ!

Shipping was fast and easy. Because I live in the US, domestic is pretty quick and the day I got my paci I literally bounced up and down, squeeing! When she ships a package to you, there’s an email that you get with the tracking information and every time I get one, I do a little dance. I absolutely LOVE getting mail. 

But what does the packaging look like? 

I have a love-hate relationship with the way she packages her items. Now, the way she used to package items was in a colorful bag that after the first order I knew exactly what was coming. They were shipping bags with a pretty colorful design on them. The texture of the bag was like it was made of wrapping paper! Personally, I liked it. I liked seeing it in my mail and knowing exactly what it was! However, it was not discreet packaging as I know many like to have. Since then, she has changed her packaging to be more discreet. using plain packaging. 

Inside each package is a business card, I got a sticker once too! Zuria often throws a few Dum Dum suckers in there as well and she always picks the good flavors. It’s like she blesses you with candy! I have a tiny little stash of them now because those are my emergency candies. Zuria Batzy Creations

The very last item inside, of course, is your paci! This is where my hate portion of the relationship comes in. She wraps them in bubble wrap, and I mean WRAPS them in bubble wrap. I did a live unboxing on my Instagram a few weeks back after purchasing my I’m a Lady paci, and I was trying to be so careful about opening the package. I couldn’t see inside of the wrap to see my paci, and I was so worried about doing what I ended up doing: I cut right through the nipple and my paci nipnop was cut in half.

Thankfully, I had an extra nip nop from one of my plain LFB paci’s, and I took the paci apart and replaced the nipple. But I wish that there was a little less bulkiness on that packaging. But, I also know she does it because they’re fragile with their centerpieces.  

As of this post, I have been so lucky to have the means to purchase four of her pacis and win one!

On a scale of one to five paws, what would I rate my pacis?

Like I said before, I love these pacis. So much. It’s very obvious she puts a lot of love and attention to detail into her craft and it truly shows in the way she does color combos and picks out everything to go with each paci. They do not have a chemical smell, and the pacifier nipple fits perfectly into my mouth.

Zuria Batzy CreationsI will say a common thing I’ve noticed in every single one I’ve gotten, is that the nipples are slightly deflated sometimes and I think it comes from her reattaching them onto their peg inside the shield.  I am not 100% sure what is causing it, but I have noticed this strange phenomenon.  Now, you can always take the paci apart to take the nipple off and put it back on. I always get scared taking these apart, because they are fragile, but you gotta do what you gotta do! It’s just never been something I’ve even said to Zuria myself, just because I normally fix it myself! 

Each piece is sturdy, well put together and neatly glued. There’s never messy globs, its all put together seamlessly. Each gem is placed in a way that fits the paci, there’s none over the edge or uncomfortably placed either. The centers are high-quality pieces, and I heard that she even does custom centers sometimes – which is exciting as heckem! This cats gonna get one! Zuria Batzy Creations

All in all, I will give Zuria 4.5 paws out of 5! I took the .5 for the nipple deflation and the bubble wrap. But they’re so minuscule honestly. It’s nothing I can’t just move on from! 

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Zuria Batzy Creations

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