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by Kitten
ddlg shops

So I heard you wanna buy some little or pet play gear?

Those little sparkly wishes were breathed upon the air as you stared at those adorable pictures of deco pacis, onesies, stuffies and more! But there was one problem, you didn’t know where to get those items!!! But fear not fellow sparkle, I have your back! I have begun creating a master list of DDLG shops that I find online! I will be linking to their Instagram, contact info, shop links if available etc.

These shops are all 18+ no minors in kink allowed.

All the shops listed are small time DDLG or Pet Play shops! I have included some cosplay shops as well (with permission if they’re not explicitly pet play) because those places make ears and tails too! I will be potentially making a list of retailers who have adorable items not geared towards DDLG or pet play, but that work. It will be separate!~ 

I have sorted the list by the items that are displayed on IG and their shops to determine where they go! If you’re a shop owner and want to be listed under a different category, please reach out to me here. 

Note: Just because a shop is listed here, does not mean I have ever purchased from them! IF you’d like to see the shops that I have purchased from, please read my reviews!

Adult Pacifiers/Teethers and Paci Accessories

Zuria Batzy Creations – Decopaci’s, collars, plushies
Shop Site
Instagram @Zuria.Batzy.Creations

Lil Abominations –  Hand painted, drippy adult pacifiers!
Shop Site – Get 10% off by clicking this link!
Instagram @lilabominations

Baby Bear Pacis– $25 pacifiers
Shop Site
Instagram @babybearpacis

Bubbles Lil Paci Place Decopaci’s
Shop Site
Instagram @bubbleslil_paci_place

The Creative Little – Deco paci’s
Shop Site
Instagram @the_creative_little

Little Dreamers Shoppe – Deco paci’s, teethers, sippies, bottles, and sensory cubes 
Shop Site
Instagram @littledreamersshoppe

His Devoted Babygirl – Teethers and Paci Clips
Shop Site
Instagram @his_devoted_babygirl

A Babygirl Boutique – Pacis, paci clips, collars, and jewelry. (Does paci and clip sets!)
Shop Site 
Instagram @ababygirlboutique

DDLG Playhouse (aka Babygirls NumNums) – Paci clips and blankets, sensory items and pacis. 
10% code: ANGEL
Shop Site
Instagram @babygirls_num_nums

Panda Bear Crafts – Deco pacis (customs)
Shop Site
Instagram @panda.bears.crafts

Dlilkitten’s Boutique – Deco pacis, blank pacis, glitter pacis, onesies as well 
Shop Site
Instagram @dlilkittenz_boutique

Hairbows, Jewlery, and Accessories

Black Rose Kreations Kink – Bottles, paci’s, hair bows

No shop site. Only sells through Instagram!
Instagram @blackrosecreationskink
Use Master10 for 10% off or masterfree for free shipping!

Playful Cuddles Kinkshop – Bead jewelry, bracelets, pacis, coloring pages!!
Shop Page
Instagram @playfullcuddles.kinkshop


Little For Big – Onesies and Apparel (also have pacis)
Shop Site

Berri Cute Crafts– Onesies, backpacks, hoodies, bags, pacis and more. 
Shop Site
Instagram @berricutecrafts 

Sensory Items/Toys

Sugar Circus ShopSensory blocks, bibs and paci clips
Shop Site
Instagram @sugarcircusshop

Sweet Candy Kink – Sensory play cubes, pacis, collars and more.
Shop Site
Instagram @sweetcandykink

Pet Play Gear – Ears/Tails

The Lilac Fox – Purchase through IG
Instagram @the.lilac.fox

Katkins Kitten Store
Shop Page
Instagram @katkinskittenstore


NaughtyPawsies  – Collars and pet play items. 
Shop Page
Instagram @naughtypawsies


Littlethislittlethat – Stuffies, sippies and more.
Shop Page
Instagram @littlethislittlethat_

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