In My Little Space Moves to Etsy!

by Kitten
in my little space etsy

Hey guys! Kitten here with a big announcement! I’ve decided to take In My Little Space in a new-ish direction! I moved the shop today from the .com to Etsy! I know a lot of people felt like Etsy is a much safer place for people to spend money and do things of that nature, so I wanted to make sure that I took your guys’ feelings into consideration. 

Moving to Etsy was a big deal in itself and that left me with the question of what I was going to do with my website! So, I’ve decided to use this as a platform. To create articles meant to educate, to review things all kinds of stuff! It will all be geared towards the BDSM community – even the vanilla posts – and I’ll hopefully be having some guest writers too!!!

That being said, if you’re interested in writing for the blog, I’d love to talk about the content you’d like to contribute!!!!! All in all, I want this to be a place where not just I contribute but we have guest posters! I am wanting to build a community! Speaking of, I am putting together some pretty awesome community-related things so! Keep an eye out on the blog!!! 

What are you waiting for? Head on over to Etsy! Place your order today!

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