First Annual Spooktacular Giveaway!

by Kitten
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Anyone who knows me knows that Spooky season is my favorite season. Cool nights, hot tea or cocoa, pumpkin spice…

I love it so much.

Fall is easily one of my favorite seasons. I miss Texas’ fall. Its mild, then cold at night and that is the best time. Where you can have Daddy start a fire in the fire pit, grab a blanket and just sit together. Ahh… So relaxing!

To celebrate my favorite season I am going to do my first-but-what-will-be-annual, Spooktacular Giveaway!

Note: This giveaway runs strictly on my website. It is not affiliated with any social media company I post it on, and all items are coming out of my own pocket.

So. Let’s talk about it!



First Prize: I will be picking one lucky winner to get their own pair of boyshorts in either normal or pet play style! They will get to select from our Halloween patterns. I am also going to include a free Glow in the Dark Skelleboop Paci Clip and a 10% off coupon code to the shop to be used once.

Second Prize: Our fantastic second place winner will also get a Glow in the Dark Skelleboop Paci Clip and a 10% off coupon code to the shop to be used once! Woohoo!


  • Is this US only? Or International too?
    • This giveaway is available worldwide. Yes, even you, Australia.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: In My Little Space is not responsible for customs seizing, or wrong addresses on the customers end. If the product is lost due to our failure we will replace it. However, circumstances under winners control mean winner must cover replacement costs.
  • Do I have to pay for anything if I win?
    • Nope! I am covering the costs!!!

SO. When is the giveaway? The giveaway begins on September 18 2018, and it ends on October 3, 2018.

Terms and Conditions

This giveaway is in no way affiliated with any of the social media platforms that I have posted it to. It is only associated with 

Any person who wins will have 24 hours to claim their winning AND provide a valid ID. We only cater to people 18+ as this is an adult shop and will make no exceptions. 

The winners will be reached out to with their winnings and have 24 hours to claim it. If after the 24 hours the requirements for claiming have not been completed then they will be notified they have forfeited their winnings and I will reach out to the next person. 

This giveaway does include international entries. 

The items being given away are as follows: 

First place: One (1) pair of pet play or regular boyshort style panties. The pattern must stay to the Halloween theme and be one of the provided patterns that can be found on our website for the Halloween patterns. These images are located on the landing page for this giveaway. One (1) Glow in the Dark Skelleboop Pacifier Clip. This is ready to ship and will be sent with the panties once completed. One (1) coupon for 10% off next order on

Second place: One (1) Glow in the Dark Skelleboop Pacifier Clip. One (1) coupon for 10% off next order on

Turn around time for winning delivery: The pet play panties are custom made with fabric custom printed upon my order. This can take up to two weeks to receive. This means the order will be shipped within 3 weeks of winnings claimed. The only way this will be shortened is if it is a fabric that is already in the shop’s possession if any.

Coupon Code: The coupon codes provided to each winner for 10% off their next order will expire on January 3, 2019

Shipping: I will be paying for First Class International or Flat Rate Domestic. The winners will be provided tracking numbers for their orders and I keep track of them myself. 

If your package is lost, they are insured. 
If your package is claimed by customs or sent back due to customs/wrong address provided to In My Little Space, we do ask that you pay for the shipping to your address if we are required to re-ship. International shipping is 14$ and Domestic is $7.20


                   Enter The Giveaway!

In My Little Space – First Annual Spooktacular Giveaway

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