DDLG From a Distance (Part 1!)

by Kitten
ddlg from a distance part one

Hey guys, it’s Kitten! Today we’re going to go over something I hold very close to in my heart and that is long distance DDLG. Now, I can only speak about what works for me in my personal dynamic, and my own thoughts and feelings. There is no rule book when it comes to any relationship as each one is different and each of us in the lifestyle does things with a little twist. What I enjoy and what works for us, might not be for you. With that in mind, let’s keep the sparkles and manners up and the negative comments down!

So my Daddy and I are long distance and started out online. We have yet to meet for a few reasons, so we have to make the best of it! Personally, I struggle with the distance because my last relationship was in person from the beginning. I lived with them and had a life with that person. Going from cuddling someone in bed and getting pissed that there are no blankets because they stole them, to sleeping alone and the only comfort is their breathing through the phone? It can be difficult some days more than others.

Distance can really take a toll on you, but we have managed to really do well with it by looking for the best ways to spend time together!! Granted, most times we could just lay in bed and talk its nice to plan date nights together and do something other than just sitting around. Now Daddy and I have the same taste in music and games so that helps us out quite a bit so it’s almost like we’re never running out of something to do! I am not a big movie cat, but I will watch one once in a while.

There are so many things I want to go over with you guys about having a caregiver long distance and we’re going to touch just that. We’re going to talk about stuff to do together which can be done in ANY kind of long distance relationship, but also how to deal with little space and punishments – the Daddy Dom side! So, I’m going to break what would be basically a novel, into a few different posts! WOOHOO!

The first thing I want to go over is things that you guys can do together to make things feel more ‘normal’. There are some suggestions that are not safe for work, so if you don’t wanna read it, close your eyes and have your stuffie tell you!

  • Watch a show/movie/listen to music together! Okay, so Rabb.it is amazing. Seriously. It allows you to make a private room and invite whomever into it. When you’re there you can log into your Netflix/Hulu/Youtube (and more) account and watch whatever together!!!!! Daddy and I use this to listen to music and watch movies especially! There’s a little text chat if you want to use it, but Daddy and I usually are on Discord so we can talk.
  • Video and Voice chat! What would we do without Discord?! No clue. I’m sure someone will say Skype, but let’s be real. The world has been done with Skype since like 2016 – hehe. Video chatting is so important in a world where we meet people online. Its the first real step in verifying that you’re a real human being and not a catfish. Personally, I think it’s probably the most important step beginning any online relationship even friendship. Daddy and I spend quite a bit of time video and voice chatting on Discord, and you can even share screens together. I especially love to watch Daddy play his games! Another perk of Discord is involving your friends. Daddy and I both have friends in our lives that utilize Discord, so we’ve been able to meet important people in each other lives with group chats and servers!
  • Play games together! Thankfully, Daddy and I are both a little nerdy! We both play video games on PC so that opens the door for things like Smite, CSGO, and lately, we have been playing an amazingly fun game called Overcooked 2. (Look for fun games especially colorful ones you both can have fun playing! Using Discord for voice, you’ll have a blast! (I am also going to write a post about great games to play, don’t worry~) I like to find games that require teamwork so that you can also use it as a way to get better at communicating with each other!!
  • Write a letter that gets auto sent in the fuuuture! So, this is something new and I haven’t really talked to Daddy about it but I have totally written him a letter. NOthing like…interesting but it was fun to do! FutureMe is a website that allows you to write an email that will get sent wherever you want it to go (I have it sent to my email) in whatever time you want. You can pick the date. I really love this idea as a cute little secret project. You never know when the others going to write to you. I would suggest creating an email for these letters specifically to go to and then gifting the email to your other half as a present! I think I want to try monthly writing a letter to get sent back over the next year maybe, but it absolutely would be adorable for little random notes sent to random periods of time. They do have a premium feature that allows you to write to one another and add images etc and its really inexpensive at like, 3$ a year. If I use it enough maybe I’d consider. Who knows.
  • Use Tumblr for some of that uh…inspiration. Ah yes. The home of lewdylewds. The DDLG community is strong with this one and it’s awesome. Tumblr is an awesome place and for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a website you can find a lot of uh…stuff on and re-blog it. You make your own profile/blog and utilize it follow people. It’s just like any social media out there but just with an after dark side ahaha. So when Daddy and I use Tumblr and we’re reblogging something for the other, we add a special hashtag because when you go to someone’s blog you do /tagged/ in the URL and add the tag. Daddy calls me Jellybean so his would be /tagged/jellybean that way I can see every post meant for me! They range from really sweet quotes to naughty little bits. We also send each other random messages and asks, sometimes even on anon. It’s quite hilarious and adorable at times and I really love it.
  • Make a pinboard together! Okay, so I loooove Pinterest. Like, obsessed. I am always on there looking at recipes and crafts and squealing as I pin one thing to the next. I would suggest making a pinboard that you can add to together. You can invite someone to pin on a board and you can add whatever you want. Games, movies, crafts, things you want etc. It’s super adorable and you can even make it a secret board so people don’t see it on your main profile. (Psst, I just created a Pinterest account for the shop here so that you can see what we pin! Wanna follow? Click click click!)
  • Cooking the same dinner together. So this is something we haven’t done yet but I am SO excited to try. I want to make the same meal using the same recipe and sit down together and eat. It’s something small in some peoples eyes, but eating the same meal or even drinking the same thing, is a little something extra to bring you guys just a little bit closer.
  • Clone his Daddy part! Hehe, this one is naughty and one I absolutely plan on cashing in with – LOL! There’s a kit out there where you can have your Daddy mold his man parts and then make a toy! That way Daddy is never far. Likewise, Daddy can get a pocket kitty and use that! I like to look at places like Spencers and Adam and Eve for those items.
  • Make voice recordings! Something that I personally love to get and make are voice recordings! They can be anything from really sweet to uh, lewdylewd. 😉 I use my phone app sometimes, I also use Audacity on my PC! Save as an MP3, and I keep them in a folder on my Google Drive!

So there you have it! A few cute date things to do with your caregiver from a distance! As you can see we do a lot of these things and I’m sure in the future I’ll have even more to add. I promise to update this post or just make a whole new one in the future! If you have any suggestions, leave them below in the comments! Tell me about what you do to spend time with your caregiver!

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Thanks so much for reading part one of my DDLG From a Distance series! I really appreciate the time you took to do so and would love for you to follow me on social media to keep up to date! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog! 😀

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brian September 5, 2018 - 5:43 am

This is @daddydombri thanks for this post and your instagram. We will be loyal customers.

inmylittlespace September 5, 2018 - 2:39 pm

Hey!!! I am glad the content touched you! I saw your recent tie, looks great!!!

Dimi September 19, 2018 - 12:12 am

I’m really impressed with this list. I had seen others but didn’t find their suggestions applicable. This was perfect. I’m looking forward to those other articles!


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